Trader Joe, a decentralized exchange
2 days ago 1 min read

Trader Joe decentralized exchange is deploying Avalanche DEX on Arbitrum

Trader Joe, a decentralized exchange, is going live on the Ethereum scaling network Arbitrum. Since the company’s founding in 2021, this is Trader Joe’s first deployment on a new chain. According to DeFiLlama, Trader Joe has the highest overall trading volume across all applications on Avalanche, but this volume has significantly decreased since June. In the coming days, Trader Joe will launch on Arbitrum’s testnet, with a mainnet launch anticipated early in 2019. The scope of Trader Joe’s Arbitrum debut will be constrained. Only Avalanche will offer features like its native token JOE, the lending platform Banker Joe, and the

Mayowa crypto analyst
2 weeks ago 3 mins read

Exclusive Interview with Adenle Mayowa, a crypto and Business Risk Analyst for a startup project

My name is Adenle Mayowa, I am a cryptocurrency and business risk analyst for a startup project. I am also a blockchain enthusiast. When did you start your journey into cryptocurrency? I began in 2017 as a trader. I was able to use my skills in technical and fundamental analysis to trade crypto thanks to my experience in FOREX trading. I gradually started reading more about blockchain technology and its applications. Over the years, I have worked with some blockchain-related companies, including Lbank Exchange Labs (VC arm). What are your major challenges as a Nigerian Crypto Expert in UAE? Since

Bebop DeFi exchange
4 weeks ago 1 min read

DeFi exchange, backed by Wintermute Bebop is now available on Polygon and Ethereum

Bebop is debuting on Polygon for all users after rolling out a whitelisted service for traders on Ethereum over the summer. Bebop will be designed to draw newcomers to the industry even though the platform is supported by Wintermute, an institutional-grade market maker in the decentralized finance space. It intends to accomplish this through a few crucial features. First off, there are only a few buttons available to users on the exchange’s user interface. Users cannot provide liquidity, and there are no yield-earning options. Bebop is not a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) like Uniswap or SushiSwap, which explains why.

pNetwork bridge drain $4.3 million from PancakeSwap in 'white hat' attack
4 weeks ago 2 mins read

PNetwork bridge drains over $4.3 million in tokens that it had issued on its bridge

According to on-chain analysis by security firm BlockSec, the “white hat” exploit was carried out today after the team claimed to have discovered a “misconfiguration” in the token’s smart contract. The pNetwork developers attempted to outrun any malicious hackers by “draining” pgala tokens stored in PancakeSwap pools. These pNetwork-issued tokens are a 1:1 tokenized version of the gala tokens used in the play-to-earn project Gala Games. The tokens are issued whenever users bridge gala tokens from Ethereum’s original chain to the BNB Chain using the pNetwork bridge. Anyone can use pNetwork to lock their assets as collateral in the bridge

Goldman Sachs warming up DeFi space
4 weeks ago 1 min read

Goldman Sachs partners with MSCI and Coin Metrics to launch a framework for digital assets

Multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs is collaborating with MSCI and Coin Metrics to launch a framework for digital assets. Datonomy, a new data feed that will allow investors to monitor trends in the crypto and DeFi markets, is being developed by Goldman Sachs, MCSI, and Coin Metrics. According to a press release, Goldman Sachs is collaborating with other companies to develop a framework for digital assets. The framework demonstrates that Goldman Sachs is particularly interested in DeFi, though it also pays attention to other trends. The bank is working with MSCI as well as Coin Metrics on the framework called

Sushi DAO, Sushiswap
1 month ago 1 min read

Sushi DAO will be divided into 3 entities as per new legal structure

Sushi DAO’s DAO governance and protocol administration will be divided among three new entities. Sushi DAO, the community in charge of the decentralized exchange (DEX) project SushiSwap, has approved a new legal structure that will establish three new corporations to operate the DAO and the protocol. SushiSwap’s management is now split between a DAO comprised of community members with voting rights and a project team that maintains the protocol. This new arrangement will result in the formation of three new entities: a Cayman Island-based DAO foundation, a Panamanian foundation, and a Panamanian business. The Sushi DAO approved the plan unanimously.

DeFiLlama Launches Strategy Finder
1 month ago 1 min read

DeFiLlama rolls out Delta Neutral Yields for great DeFi yield farming opportunities

DeFiLlama, a DeFi data platform, has created a new tool to help token farmers identify more yielding farming possibilities. Delta Neutral Yields, a product that DeFiLlama has been working on for months, was announced on October 23. The technology searches the platform’s enormous database for possibilities where users can borrow tokens to farm with. It says that with the new approach, yields of more than 20% are possible with BTC, ETH, and USDC. On its website, DeFiLlama provides the strategy finder for free. The caution is that many of the proposed coins have little liquidity and may be associated with

Crypto industry advocates had previously stated that a crypto bill they had come across would “kill DeFi.” The controversial legislature has seen an updated draft being released online
1 month ago 2 mins read

Draft Crypto bill Circulating in Secret could be a catalyst to DeFi

Crypto industry advocates had previously stated that a crypto bill they had come across would “kill DeFi.” The controversial legislature has seen an updated draft being released online. Initial reactions seemed positive, with commentators raving on about how the U.S. is “finally getting their act together.”  The bill is named the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act (DCCPA), with an updated version currently circulating online. Tones have once again changed with some voices suggesting that it could be positive for DeFi and crypto. The previous draft amassed heavy criticism from industry representative bodies for not watering down the definition of “digital commodity

The decentralized multichain wallet BitKeep looses $1 million to hacker
2 months ago 1 min read

The decentralized multichain wallet BitKeep looses $1 million to hacker

In addition to guaranteeing compensation to hacking victims, BitKeep has also guaranteed prizes to anyone who can help recover the cash that was taken. On October 17, a hacker used the swap functionality of the decentralized multichain wallet BitKeep to steal $1 million from it. This hacker was using the BNB chain. The attack was originally brought to light by the blockchain security firm PeckShield on October 17, and BitKeep later confirmed it in the early hours of October 18. When the hack occurred, the security organization advised consumers to cancel their wallet’s permission. The hacker was stopped before he

Olympus DAO has reduced the annual percentage staking yield of the OHM token to 7.35%.
2 months ago 1 min read

Olympus DAO reduces the annual OHM staking yield to 7.35%

Olympus DAO has reduced the annual percentage staking yield of the OHM token to 7.35%. Following the DAO’s approval of OIP-119, a governance proposal, the rewards were scaled back in order to make the protocol sustainable. The Olympus DAO team explained that while the project’s previous goal was to bootstrap adoption by providing a very high yield, it is transitioning to a new tokenomics framework. The company announced the news in a Thursday Twitter thread titled “Say bye to high APY.” Olympus DAO is a DeFi protocol that backs the OHM token with a treasury. According to its website, it

5 months ago 3 mins read

Krew Launches Klaytn-based DeFi Accelerator to Support Next Wave of DeFi Startups

BVI, Tortola, 21st June, 2022, Chainwire Krew, a new DeFi accelerator housed in the Klaytn ecosystem, is launching – armed with a $4 million war chest that will be used to create, incubate, and support DeFi projects in the EVM-compatible blockchain. KLAP (Klaytn Lending Application), the first project to onboard the Krew accelerator, just came out of stealth last week and attracted tens of thousands of followers for the Klaytn-native lend/borrow protocol. Krew is launched by experienced founders and analysts from leading venture firms. These include Adam Cader, who previously worked at ParaFi Capital; Hugo Campanella, a product veteran from

Cake DeFi enters into eSports with competitive gaming platform FACEIT
6 months ago 4 mins read

Cake DeFi enters into eSports with competitive gaming platform FACEIT

Singapore, Singapore, 10th May, 2022, Chainwire FACEIT, the world’s leading platform for competitive online gaming, has today announced a multi-million dollar partnership with Cake DeFi, one of the world’s fastest growing crypto fintech platforms, which allows users to earn cash flow from their crypto. Facilitated by Pivot Agency, the collaboration will provide Cake DeFi with authentic brand exposure to all FACEIT users globally through a series of bespoke and multifaceted gaming experiences which will offer the community a chance to win crypto. This year Cake DeFi will be offering players more than half a million dollars in prizes, paid in