Mailer Lite loses $600K in phishing attack
1 month ago 1 min read

Mailer Lite loses $600,000 in phishing attack

Mailer Lite, a digital marketing platform, was recently targeted by a phishing attack, resulting in a financial loss of more than $600,000. The attackers used a vulnerability in Mailer Lite’s system to impersonate Web3 organizations and send deceptive emails containing malicious links. Blockaid, a Web3 security and privacy firm, revealed the complex details of the attack. The perpetrators used a vulnerability in Mailer Lite’s infrastructure to create emails that appeared to be from various Web3 entities. Mailer Lite had previously been granted permission to send emails on behalf of these organizations, allowing for potential exploitation. The attackers used a technique

Lazarus Group Deploys Advanced Malware in New Employment Scams
5 months ago 1 min read

North Korean Hackers Lazarus Group Launch Advanced Malware in Job Scams

In a recent development, the Lazarus Group, a North Korean hacking collective, has introduced a highly advanced malware variant named LightlessCan in their deceptive job scams. This new malware poses a significant challenge to detection compared to its predecessor. ESET’s senior malware researcher, Peter Kálnai, unveiled these findings after analyzing a fake job attack on a Spanish aerospace firm that took place on September 29. The Lazarus Group typically operates by enticing victims with attractive job offers from well-known companies and then deceiving them into downloading malicious payloads disguised as documents. However, LightlessCan represents a substantial upgrade over its predecessor,