Solana blockchain activity spikes after Jupiter (JUP) airdrop
3 weeks ago 1 min read

Solana blockchain activity spikes after Jupiter (JUP) airdrop

The Jupiter airdrop resulted in a significant increase in activity on the Solana blockchain. After the airdrop went live, transaction volume nearly doubled, rising from around 1,900 to over 3,000 transactions per second. This surge indicates that the crypto community is very interested in and engaged with the airdrop. However, increased transaction activity has resulted in a longer processing time on the Solana blockchain. The time it took to process a transaction tripled, from about 20,000 milliseconds to more than 60,000. This suggests that the blockchain is under increased demand and pressure due to the influx of transactions. Jupiter, a

Jupiter Launches JUP Token with $700M Valuation
4 weeks ago 1 min read

Jupiter Launches JUP Token with $700M Valuation, Announces Airdrop for 955,000 Wallets

Jupiter, a Solana-based platform, plans to launch its latest token, JUP, via an airdrop on Wednesday. The initial total supply is set at 1.35 billion tokens, down from the planned 1.7 billion. As the JUP token prepares for its debut, its initial market value is expected to be around $700 million, with a current price of 65 cents per JUP on the Aevo exchange. The 1.35 billion JUP tokens will be distributed as follows: 1 billion for airdrops, 100 million for loans and liquidity requirements, 250 million for a launch pool Recognizing the strategic importance of airdrops in increasing token