BlockFi gave major exchange Kraken almost $50 million worth of digital assets
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Bankrupt BlockFi moves around $50 million in digital assets

According to reports, Bankrupt BlockFi moved almost $50 million worth of digital assets to the crypto exchange Kraken, including a substantial position in Chainlink (LINK). The transfer of around 2.4 million LINK tokens, worth over $48.37 million, has generated debate about the possible future price impact. Bankrupt BlockFi transferred its LINK holdings to Kraken recently, along with tokens like UNI, AVAX, and MATIC, according to on-chain monitor EmberCN. This move is a step in the liquidation process, as the company’s bankruptcy case is still pending. In September 2023, BlockFi received court approval to begin client repayments as part of its

This mysterious whale wallet has acquired over 4.5 million LINK tokens in just three days
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This mysterious whale wallet amasses over 4.5 million LINK tokens worth over $84 million

A mysterious Chainlink (LINK) whale goes on an incredible shopping spree and buys many LINK tokens. This mysterious whale wallet has acquired over 4.5 million LINK tokens in just three days, according to recent data from Lookonchain. The current price of the LINK token indicates that this accumulation is worth over $84 million. Analysts and investors are monitoring Chainlink whale’s unrelenting accumulation activity, which is creating hope for a future spike in the price of LINK. As traders eagerly await the outcome of this significant accumulation, speculation abounds in the crypto market. That being said, Chainlink is attracting interest from

Last week, a wallet linked to the Swiss fund PrismInvest was drained by Inferno Drainer for $850K LINK.
3 weeks ago 1 min read

Hackers stole $900,000 worth of Chainlink (LINK) tokens in late January

This week, another multi-hundred-thousand-dollar crypto hack was linked to the growing tokenization trend of real-world assets and inadequate security procedures. Threat intelligence group Arkham claims that in late January, hackers Inferno Drainer stole $900,000 worth of Chainlink (LINK) tokens from the hot wallet of a Swiss crypto investment fund. The attackers reportedly used a phony crypto airdrop website to phish the victim’s private wallet keys. They used the compromised “Alchemist63” account to obtain signature approvals, quickly emptying the wallet through two transactions. Targeting LINK specifically, the transactions first took $400,940, then 12 seconds later, $456,400, as the victim unknowingly approved

Data from CoinGecko indicates that within the previous 7 days, Chainlink price increased by a noteworthy 25%.
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Chainlink Surges By Over 25% as 16 Million LINK Tokens Transferred To Binance Exchange

Data from CoinGecko indicates that within the previous 7 days, Chainlink (LINK) price increased by a noteworthy 25%. LINK’s price seems to be dropping as it continues to struggle to stay over the $18 mark. Although it is anticipated that this slowdown will pass quickly, the price of Chainlink is still stalling. The most recent on-chain disclosure has provided light on the reasons behind the bearish pressure on the price of LINK. The crypto analytics company SpotOnChain revealed that three of Chainlink’s non-circulating supply contracts have recently released 19 million tokens, valued at about $341 million, in a post on

Chainlink (LINK) has seen a surge in recent trading sessions
2 months ago 1 min read

Chainlink Surges Past Key Resistance Levels: Bulls in Control

Chainlink (LINK) has seen a surge in recent trading sessions, overcoming critical obstacles and signaling a potential upward trend. The positive momentum caused LINK’s price to rise above $14.50, signaling a significant turnaround for the crypto. The path to this upward trajectory began when LINK established a strong base above $12.50 and launched a new surge. Bulls took control of the price, pushing it past key resistance levels and instilling hope in the Chainlink community. The break above a significant bearish trend line, which had resistance at around $14.85, was a watershed moment in this recent surge. The 4-hour chart

Chainlink and Polygon Experience Price Fluctuations Amidst New Investor Activity
2 months ago 1 min read

Chainlink (LINK) witnesses a 17% drop from its yearly peak of $17.16

Major altcoins Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC) have recently experienced significant price fluctuations in the volatile crypto world. Chainlink, which reached a yearly high of $17.16 on December 9, has dropped sharply to $14.25, a 17% drop. Simultaneously, Polygon (MATIC) fell 3.83% in the last 24 hours and 8.50% in the last week and is now trading at $0.779. Despite the price drops, Lookonchain on-chain data analysts have discovered interesting activities in new wallets accumulating both LINK and MATIC. A new wallet (0x8eADf9a958199d769B8927f82BC6dd615a3f8571) withdrew 247,860 LINK ($3.5 million) from Binance in the last two days, while another withdrew 5 million

Solana price is climbing while LINK continues with its web3 adoption
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Future is Now: Dive into Solana, Chainlink & Slayboy Token’s Web3 Crypto Projects Before It’s Too Late

Chainlink and Solana have set benchmarks with their innovative solutions and robust community engagement. Their success stories are rooted in real-world utility and a forward-thinking approach. Yet, as the crypto world continues to evolve, new players are entering the scene, bringing fresh perspectives and unique value propositions to Web3 crypto projects. Enter Slayboy Token (SLAY), a project that seamlessly merges the adult entertainment sector with the transformative potential of blockchain. This fusion positions Slayboy Token in a unique niche, offering both content creators and consumers unparalleled benefits. For early investors, participating in its presales could signify a strategic move, tapping

Chainlink (LINK) saw an unprecedented increase of over 80% over the course of the last month, rising from $7.362 to $17.
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Chainlink (LINK) surges by over 80% in the last 28 days

Chainlink (LINK) has been in the news lately, drawing interest from investors with its impressive results. The crypto saw an unprecedented increase of over 80% over the course of the last month, rising from $7.362 to $17. Even though LINK is currently trading at $14, reflecting a slight 5% decline in the market, the recent bullish movement has excited enthusiasts. Chainlink’s story takes an interesting turn thanks to insights from Santiment’s data. When the token was trading for less than $7.40 on October 17th, the 200 biggest wallets added a total of 40.18 million LINK. The asset surged 125% to

Chainlink Surges Beyond $12.50, Achieving Milestones in Wallet Holdings
4 months ago 1 min read

Chainlink LINK Surges to Over $12.50, Hitting a New Yearly High

Chainlink, the decentralized oracle network, has experienced a notable surge in its price, surpassing the $12.50 mark over the weekend. This price level is significant as it marks the first time Chainlink has reached this threshold since April 2022. Simultaneously, the number of wallets holding a minimum of 1,000 LINK tokens, currently valued at $12,150 or more, has reached a new all-time high, totaling 27,152 wallets. Data from Glassnode also highlights a positive correlation between the LINK price uptrend and the growth in the number of addresses holding non-zero balances. This trend reflects an increasing adoption of the Chainlink network