ProBit Global Announces Exclusive 50% Discount on MUSIC Tokens
1 month ago 2 mins read

ProBit Global Announces Exclusive 50% Discount on MUSIC Tokens

Vilnius, Lithuania, January 16th, 2024 ProBit Global, a top 20 global cryptocurrency exchange, is excited to announce an exclusive promotion providing its users the opportunity to purchase Gala Music (MUSIC) tokens at a 50% discount. The limited-time offer will run from January 23rd to 29th, 2024. Load Up on Limited-Time Token Discounts Through the promotion, ProBit Global will make available a total allocation of 10,000 USDT worth of MUSIC tokens to its users. There will be no lock-up or vesting period imposed on tokens purchased. To participate, users must hold a minimum of 500 PROB, the native exchange token of ProBit Global,

AI Token Trading Explodes Hits $3 Billion in Surging Volume
3 months ago 1 min read

Artificial Intelligence Tokens Skyrocket with a 200% Surge, Breaking $3 Billion in Trading

The weekly trading activities of crypto projects centered on artificial intelligence (AI) have increased dramatically in the last six weeks. AI-related crypto assets such as Render (RNDR), Worldcoin (WLD), and (FET) have been leading the pack in terms of trading volume, according to Kaiko, a prominent on-chain analytics firm. According to the data presented in Kaiko’s tweet, the trading volume of AI tokens was initially less than $1 billion in early October. However, a significant and consistent increase propelled weekly trading volume to more than $3 billion this month, representing a remarkable 200% increase. The chart shows that the

Swiss Bankers Association
12 months ago 1 min read

Swiss Bankers Association Pushes for Deposit Tokens to Boost Digital Economy

The Swiss Bankers Association has published a white paper that outlines how Swiss banks can contribute to the development of the country’s digital economy. The group has suggested a Swiss franc “joint” deposit token as a solution. According to the paper, stablecoins have limited penetration in the Swiss financial system despite end-to-end digitization becoming more common in business models. Additionally, there are no Swiss stablecoins that are accessible by the general public. The white paper suggests a deposit token that is “issued by regulated and adequately supervised intermediaries” and redeemed by smart contracts denominated in Swiss francs. The token could