Coinbase removes meme coin page targeting Senator Elizabeth Warren

Coinbase removes meme coin page targeting Senator Elizabeth Warren

Coinbase exchange removed a page offering guidance on buying a meme coin named “Elizabeth Whoren” after US Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her critical stance on crypto.

This event highlights the clash between some crypto supporters and regulators. Senator Warren has openly criticized the crypto world, urging for tighter control to address its risks.

As a result, some individuals within the crypto community developed meme coin tokens primarily for satirical purposes rather than as financial opportunities, such as the one that parodies Warren and is located on the Solana blockchain.

Coinbase customers saw a website providing instructions on how to acquire the contentious currency, which was then removed.

The exchange clarified that the website was automatically produced with the purpose of providing information on a wide variety of third-party tokens.

In addition, the statement emphasized that these sites do not support or promote any cryptocurrency and do not claim that they are accessible on Coinbase, which does not include the “WHOREN” coin in its listings.

Coinbase promptly removed the page in order to prevent any potential controversy and uphold its reputation and compliance with regulations.


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