Compass Mining Wins $1.5M in Lawsuit Against Dynamics Mining

Compass Mining

Hardware manufacturer Compass Mining announced that it has won a $1.5 million verdict in a legal dispute with hosting provider Dynamics Mining.

In June, Dynamics claimed that Compass had terminated its hosting relationship due to unpaid electricity and hosting fees related to a facility in Maine.

Compass, which provides both mining hardware and hosting services at its data centers, filed a complaint alleging that Dynamics’ claims were “completely incorrect” and that the company had taken Compass’ equipment “hostage.”

On Thursday, the court ruled in favor of Compass and imposed a default judgment against Dynamics for $1.47 million, plus interest and fees.

It is unclear whether Compass will be able to collect the judgment. Thomas Heller, co-CEO of Compass Mining, said in a statement that Dynamics had “violated the rights of both Compass Mining and our clients” and that the legal system had produced a “just result.”

Dynamics accused Compass of “preemptively” disclosing the verdict in order to repair its damaged reputation.


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