Vitalik Buterin tells people to focus on tech
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Vitalik Buterin tells crypto community to focus on technology and avoid crypto fatigue

On December 4, a well-liked member of the community asked Vitalik Buterin a question and mentioned that after nine years they were sick of the scammers and fraudsters in the cryptocurrency world. At the moment, cryptocurrency is primarily used as a means of speculation, and that is where fraudsters prosper. A bank run that was sparked by significant overleveraging and lending resulted in the FTX meltdown. Buterin recommended putting technology and applications first and avoiding trading and investing. He said, “I’d recommend increasing your distance from trading/investing circles, and getting closer to the tech and application ecosystem.” He also suggested

FixedFloat has announced that it has added new coins such as Avalanche (AVAX) and Solana (SOL)
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Rising Exchange FixedFloat Adds New Coins: Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL)

Victoria, Seychelles, Dec. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The up-and-coming digital asset exchange FixedFloat has announced that it has added new coins such as Avalanche (AVAX) and Solana (SOL) to its repertoire. The FixedFloat team declares that the platform has added the new coins as it broadens its operations. Committed to providing flexible solutions tailored to users’ wants and needs, FixedFloat boasts fast processing, robust designs, and dedicated customer support teams. “You choose whether fixed or floating exchange rates fit your strategy,” state representatives of the FixedFloat team, “Pick the right strategy and make favorable trades. No sign-ups, no hassle.”

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hiblocks Announces the Launch of HIBS Token

NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — hiblocks is proud to announce that HIBS Token will be officially available on at 10:00 UTC on December 5th, 2022. hiblocks is building an ecosystem around their native asset, HIBS Token. One of the primary projects is the blockchain-based social media app HABL, which rewards users in HIBS Token for their social media activities, including giving likes, votes, staking, uploading, and sharing posts. Additionally, hiblocks is preparing to launch services like Challenge Run (M2E), Produckfi (a media production budget management app), HABL Stone (NFT), VR NFT Marketplace, and others, which

Bybit exchange
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Bybit will lay off 30% of its workforce as the crypto bear market worsens.

As the crypto winter deepens, centralized crypto exchange Bybit, has become the latest to lay off employees. The layoffs are in addition to those made by the company earlier this year, in June. Bybit, based in Singapore, has announced plans to reduce its workforce. Furthermore, the move is part of the company’s ongoing reorganization. It is the latest cryptocurrency company to refocus its efforts as the bear market intensifies. Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou made the announcement on December 4th, adding that the planned downsizing would be across the board. He apologized to those who would be affected by

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Ripple submits its final argument in the landmark case against the SEC

After a two-year legal battle, the most well-known crypto case involving Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is nearing its conclusion. The SEC and Ripple each submitted a redacted reply to the other’s opposition to a motion for summary judgment on December 2. In its motion document, Ripple argued that the SEC had failed to establish that its 2013–2020 XRP offering constituted an offer or sale of an “investment contract,” making it a security under federal securities laws. On December 3, Ripple’s general counsel, Stuart Alderoty, tweeted that this was the company’s “final submission” asking the judge

Terra Luna
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Cofounder of Terra-Luna attends court hearing as he awaits arrest

According to The Korea Times, South Korean prosecutors may receive court permission to detain Terraform Labs co-founder Daniel Shin and seven other Terra associates as soon as today. Together with the other parties, Shin attended a hearing at the Seoul Southern District Court that will determine the validity of his early-Friday arrest. In order to detain Shin, four engineers, and three investors in the failed cryptocurrency company, the prosecutors are requesting permission. After questioning the co-founder of Terra-Luna and his associates, the court will render a direct decision. Before the project collapsed, Shin is alleged to have sold tokens worth

Reddit NFT collectible
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Reddit digital collectible or NFT minting reaches a record high

On Saturday, about 255,000 Reddit digital collectibles were produced, breaking the previous record of more than 200,000 mints set on August 30 and August 31. According to data from Polygon analytics on Dune, it brings the overall number of digital collectibles — the term Reddit uses for its Polygon-based NFTs — in use to about 4.4 million. The polygon-based digital collectibles, which are used as avatars on Reddit’s social networking platform, have been hailed as a successful introduction of NFTs to mainstream consumers. Reddit announced its intentions to create collectible digital avatars in July after introducing tokenized community points earlier

Crypto skeptic Paul Krugman
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Crypto era may be coming to an end, says Paul Krugman

Crypto skeptic Paul Krugman stated that we might be witnessing the end of crypto in an editorial piece published in the New York Times. Blockchain technology was covered in the article “Blockchains, What Are They Good For?” along with the demise of cryptocurrencies. He thinks there is no use for blockchain technology. The economics professor claimed that the market was now going through a Fimbulwinter rather than a crypto winter. Fimbulwinter makes an allusion to Norse mythology when it talks of “an unending winter” that comes before the end of the world. In this instance, he predicted that the crypto

WAHED Projects Donates 5 Million WAHED Coins to Fund Autism Research and Therapy
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WAHED Projects Donates 5 Million WAHED Coins to Fund Autism Research and Therapy

Cranfield, England, 3rd December, 2022, Chainwire Investment and philanthropy platform WAHED has donated 5 million of its utility token WAHED Coin to Fondazione Europea Alessandro Cenci (FEAC) at a private event in Rome. FEAC is an Italian non-profit organization focused on awareness, education and research to improve the care given to children and adolescents on the autism spectrum.  In attendance at the Rome event were leadership figures from the WAHED and FEAC organizations. WAHED Chairman Shaikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Bin Salman AlKhalifa and FEAC President Eros Cenci were joined by prominent members of their teams.  Following a locked-in vesting period, 5% of

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Russian bank Sber expands support for Ethereum and MetaMask

The biggest bank in Russia, Sber, has said that Ethereum and MetaMask will be supported on its own blockchain. The statement was made at the first ever global gathering of corporate blockchain industry participants, which was hosted by Sber Blockchain Laboratory. The updated features enable smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi) on Sber bank’s open-source blockchain. Smart contracts can be freely transferred between the two blockchains thanks to the platform. According to the announcement, “Sber’s blockchain platform lets participants issue tokens and create smart contracts. And integration with the bank’s information systems makes it possible for payments in smart contracts

Alibaba partners with Avalanche
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Avalanche blockchain to support Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure services in Asia

Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has announced a cooperation with Avalanche blockchain to support the company’s Node-as-a-Service activities. Avalanche and Alibaba Cloud will collaborate to develop tools that will allow users to construct validator nodes on Avalanche’s public blockchain platform in Asia. The connection will allow Avalanche developers to use Alibaba Cloud’s plug-and-play infrastructure as a service to launch new validators. Developers who anticipate significant resource demands during peak hours can also take advantage of Alibaba Cloud’s computing, storage, and distribution services. According to the announcement, Avalanche hosts over 1,200 validators and processes over 2 million

Alameda Research
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Bloomberg reports that Alameda invested $1.15 billion in Genesis Digital

Alameda Research, a trading firm affiliated with the troubled exchange FTX, has invested $1.15 billion in cryptocurrency miner Genesis Digital Assets. According to documents obtained by Bloomberg that identified FTX and Alameda’s venture portfolio, this was Alameda’s and FTX’s largest venture investment, valued at $5.5 billion in an April funding round. Alameda invested in the cryptocurrency miner four times. It invested around $100 million in the miner last August. It put in $550 million in January, $250 million in February, and $250 million in April. The crypto miner is unrelated to Genesis Trading, whose loan unit halted redemptions following FTX’s