Brazil Gets Binance-Mastercard Crypto Card for Secure Digital Asset Access.
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Binance and Mastercard Launch Prepaid Crypto Card for Brazilian Market

Binance and Mastercard have jointly launched a prepaid crypto card in Brazil, allowing users to make payments with 13 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance USD. The card has a 0.9% transaction fee, with the option of up to 8% cashback in crypto, and free ATM withdrawals. The product is currently in testing phase and will be widely available soon. A study by Mastercard showed 49% of Brazilian consumers have made at least one crypto transaction in the past year, higher than the global average of 41%. Binance has previously launched similar cards in Argentina and the European Economic Area.

Justin sun tron
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Tron Founder Predicts Legitimization of Crypto and Bitcoin in China

The founder of Tron, Justin Sun, believes that China could soon declare crypto and bitcoin a legitimate form of wealth. He cited the recent introduction of a tax on crypto transactions as a sign of the government’s increasing embrace of cryptocurrencies, and that it will encourage adoption and provide a clear regulatory framework. Sun also believes the tax could be a positive development for the global market and a precedent for other countries to follow. However, not everyone sees the tax as a signal of a policy change, as the private use of digital assets like Bitcoin has been banned

The Philippines SEC seeks public comment on its rules for crypto
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Philippines SEC proposes new crypto rules, opens for public comment

The Philippines SEC is seeking public comment on its draft enforcement rules for cryptocurrencies under the Financial Products and Services Consumer Protection Act. The act, approved in May 2022, does not mention specific financial services but the SEC’s draft of rules, published on Jan 20th, classifies crypto as securities and includes “tokenized securities products”. The adoption of cryptocurrencies has increased in the Philippines and regulators are taking steps to regulate the industry. The draft law is open for public comment until February 7th and aims to protect the interests of consumers of financial products and services with transparency, fair and

Floki Inu DAO Approves Plan to Reduce Token Supply by Over $100 Million.
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Floki Inu DAO Approves Token Burn 4.2 trillion FLOKI tokens

The Floki Inu community has approved a proposal to burn 4.2 trillion FLOKI tokens worth over $100 million and reduce the transactional tax. The proposal was passed with a 99.97% majority vote in favor and will be implemented on Feb.9, 2023. The reduction in supply is expected to increase the value of each token if demand remains constant. The proposal also cites security risks associated with cross-chain bridges as another reason, with over $2 billion lost or stolen from cross-chain bridges in the past year. The move is part of Floki Inu’s plan to position itself as a serious decentralized

Harmony Bridge Attack Leads to $27.18 Million ETH Laundered by North Korean Hackers
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North Korean Hacking Group Cleans $27.18 Million in ETH from Harmony Bridge Incident

The Harmony Bridge hack that saw the theft of $100 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) in June continues to see its stolen funds laundered. Sleuth ZachXBT reported that the hackers laundered $27.18 million of the ETH over the weekend, with six exchanges receiving the funds. Some of the assets were also frozen by the receiving exchanges. The FBI recently identified the North Korean hacking organization Lazarus Group and its sub-unit APT38 as responsible for the Harmony Bridge attack. The Lazarus Group is funded by the North Korean government. Previous laundering of over $60 million of the stolen ETH helped the

S. Korea's Move to Enhance Crypto Monitoring in H1 2023
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South Korea Implements Crypto Tracking System in 2023

The South Korean Ministry of Justice has announced plans to adopt a cryptocurrency tracking system in the first half of 2023 to combat money laundering and recover criminal proceeds. The system will monitor crypto transactions and help uncover illegal funds. The Ministry also intends to develop its own crypto tracking and analysis system in the latter half of the year, but has not disclosed the name of the tracking system. The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office in South Korea is also procuring a cryptocurrency tracking system. The National Police Agency has also signed an agreement with the country’s five major cryptocurrency exchanges

FTX's Tumble Predicted by Aussie Watchdog
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Report Reveals Aussie Regulator’s Worries on FTX Months Before Implosion

FTX’s Australian subsidiary was flagged by Australia’s financial regulator, ASIC, as much as 8 months before the exchange went bankrupt. According to documents obtained by Guardian Australia, ASIC had concerns about FTX Australia’s operations and license obtained through a company takeover. FTX Australia acquired its license by taking over IFS Markets in Dec 2021 and began operations in Mar 2022, sidestepping the usual level of scrutiny for new licensees. ASIC issued a Sect 912C notice to FTX in Mar 2022, requiring it to provide documents for assessment of AFSL license conditions. The regulator had FTX under surveillance activity and issued

Baidu unveils AI chatbot rivaling OpenAI's ChatGPT
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Baidu to launch AI chatbot challenging ChatGPT

China’s largest search engine company, Baidu, plans to launch an AI chatbot service similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT in March. The tool, which has yet to be named, will be initially embedded in Baidu’s main search services and allow users to get conversation-style search results. Baidu has invested billions of dollars in AI research in recent years and its Ernie system, a large-scale machine-learning model, will serve as the foundation for the new chatbot. OpenAI’s ChatGPT gained widespread attention after its public debut in November and sparked a debate about the role of AI. Baidu, along with other Chinese tech giants,

Biden pushes crypto regulation
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Biden team pushes for crypto regulation through congress

Four senior officials in the Biden administration are calling for the US Congress to regulate the cryptocurrency market. The officials believe it would be a “grave mistake” to further connect crypto and traditional finance due to the risk of broader consequences. They point to the limited exposure of traditional financial institutions to cryptocurrencies as the reason why turmoil in the crypto market has not infected the broader financial system. The announcement follows a “tough year” for cryptocurrencies, including the collapse of Terra-Luna’s stablecoin and crypto exchange. The officials urge Congress to expand regulators’ powers, increase transparency for crypto companies

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Montenegro Adopts Ripple’s Innovative Digital Currency

Montenegro Prime Minister Dr. Dritan Abazović reported on his meeting with Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse and VP for Central Bank Engagement and CBDCs James Wallis. The meeting was focused on developing a payment infrastructure for greater financial accessibility and inclusion in Montenegro. The country is working with Ripple and the Central Bank on a pilot project to build the first digital currency/stablecoin for Montenegro. Partner at American law firm Hogan & Hogan, Jeremy Hogan, explained the possibility of a CBDC being issued on the XRP Ledger or used as a stablecoin in interaction with the XRP Ledger for fast, cheap

GAIN Expo, May 04-05, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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GAIN Expo, May 04-05, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Not every leader is an innovator. But every innovator is a leader. On May 4–5, Amsterdam will be held the first event dedicated to innovation in the game industry. The exhibition will feature over 50 exhibitors who want to share their innovative products and developments.   How to use it? What is the interest? Why do you need to integrate it into your business now?   Take everything you have about NFT, AI, Metaverse, and AI – register and participate in the biggest innovation platform around the gaming industry.  In Two-day event will take part:  key software manufacturers  game developers  blockchain tech

Binance Charity Announces 1000 African Scholars In Collaboration With Utiva
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Binance Charity Announces 1000 African Scholars In Collaboration With Utiva

Paris, France, 27th January, 2023 Binance Charity, the philanthropic arm of Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure provider, and Utiva, a technology education company in Africa that helps young people learn tech skills, today announced that they have selected the 1,000 Africans who will be taking part in a free 1-year intensive skill training program. The scholarship year is set to kick off on 29 January, 2023 with a virtual launch day. As unemployment rises across the continent, Binance and Utiva remain committed to providing digital education to enable more Africans explore global career opportunities and secure roles