Conflux Network Enters Hong Kong Market

Co-Founder of Conflux Network

Dr. Ming Wu, Co-Founder of Conflux Network, was invited by the Hong Kong government to discuss the role of Web3 and Conflux Network in tech innovation.

During the visit, Dr. Wu had discussions with various institutions about the “Policy Declaration on the Development of Hong Kong Virtual Assets,” which was officially released in October and shows a focus on digital assets.

Dr. Wu introduced the Conflux Tree-Graph public chain, which is a compliant, public, and permissionless chain in China that has achieved high performance in terms of throughput, confirmation time, and cost of use.

He also noted that Hong Kong’s open environment for cryptocurrency provides more opportunities for practitioners in Web3 and Metaverse, especially those from China, and that Conflux Network has the potential to become the foundation for Web3 in Hong Kong.

Conflux Network was recently named a potential unicorn in a joint report by HSBC and KPMG, making it one of only five blockchain-related companies to receive this recognition.


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