Floki Inu Becomes First Dog-Themed Crypto Ecosystem to Receive Twitter Golden Checkmark

The official Twitter account of the Floki Inu ecosystem has been awarded a golden checkmark Source: Gadgets 360

The Floki Inu ecosystem, which has taken the crypto world by storm, has added another feather to its cap.

The official Twitter account of the Floki Inu ecosystem has been awarded a golden checkmark, which signifies that it is a business organization account.

Notably, Floki Inu is the first and only dog-themed crypto ecosystem to receive this prestigious mark. Even Elon Musk’s favorite Dogecoin only has a blue checkmark, along with fellow meme tokens Shiba Inu and BabyDogeCoin.

The announcement of the golden tick coincides with the release of FlokiUltras 2.0, the second phase of a guerilla marketing competition organized by the Floki Inu organization.

With a prize pool of $37,000, the competition has generated a lot of engagement over the network. Furthermore, the Floki Inu Twitter account is hinting at an event on 4/20, which is generating even more buzz in the crypto community.

This week, the crypto market has witnessed the emergence of new meme tokens that are not in the Shiba Inu doge theme. Tokens like PEPE and MOJAK are promoting themselves as replacements for existing memecoins. This trend shows that the craze over fun and alternative cryptos is not going away anytime soon.

Floki Inu has quickly become one of the most popular memecoins in the crypto world, thanks to its dog-themed branding and strong community engagement.


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