FTX founder SBF reveals why FTX is yet to list Cardano

SBF founder of FTX exchange

FTX’s founder challenged people who believe he is lying to wager on whether FTX would list Spot ADA within the next three months.

According to SBF, FTX International currently lists ADA perpetual contracts, and adding spot ADA is on the exchange’s agenda.

SBF made the statement in response to a Cardano investor who claimed that FTX refused to list the digital asset because it is “a danger to everything they want to control.”

According to Bankman-Fried, the exchange did not purposefully avoid listing ADA. In addition, he stated that the exchange did not offer the token because it was easier to list tokens on the blockchains it already supported, such as ERC20 tokens.

He went on to say that the exchange would need a “competent Cardano validator parser for deposits/withdrawals” before it could list ADA.

When asked when the exchange would list ADA, SBF suggested that individuals who believe he is lying put a wager on whether FTX would list spot ADA within the next three months.


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