It appears that YouTuber Logan Paul has threatened to sue fellow YouTuber and internet detective Coffeezilla for defamation after he accused Paul’s CryptoZoo nonfungible token (NFT) project of being a “scam.”

The dispute began on December 17th, when Coffeezilla released a video attacking CryptoZoo and Paul. In response, Paul has accused Coffeezilla of defaming him without verifying any background information or substantiating any evidence.

CryptoZoo is a blockchain game in which players, called “ZooKeepers,” can buy NFT eggs using the game’s native token, ZOO.

These eggs are then hatched into animals that can be bred to create hybrid animals, which were intended to be tradeable and provide ZooKeepers with ZOO.

However, the project has faced criticism, with some suggesting that development may have halted. The Zoo token has reportedly plummeted by 99.5% over the past year.