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Binance Announces Plans for Crypto Exchange in Thailand

Binance Unveils Proposal for Crypto Exchange Launch in Thailand

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has partnered with Gulf Energy Development to launch a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand.

The collaborative venture, Gulf Binance, recently secured approval from Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This development marks a significant milestone for Gulf Binance, which obtained the necessary licenses in May and is now gearing up to kick off operations.

The exchange is poised to offer various services, including digital asset exchange and brokerage, with a strong emphasis on security and strict adherence to SEC regulations.

Initially, access to Gulf Binance will be by invitation only, offering a select group of users the chance to explore the platform’s features.

The broader public can anticipate gaining access to the exchange in early 2024, marking an exciting new chapter in Thailand’s crypto landscape.


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