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BitBoy Crypto Faces Consequences After Missing Court Appearance

BitBoy Crypto

Popular cryptocurrency influencer and Youtuber Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong has landed in hot water after refusing to appear for a court hearing regarding his promotion of FTX.

Armstrong has been accused of launching a harassment campaign against Adam Moskowitz, a lawyer representing plaintiffs in a lawsuit against multiple Youtubers who promoted the failed cryptocurrency exchange. Following the charges, BitBoy reportedly sent Moskowitz angry emails and called him names on social media.

Multiple reports suggest that Judge Melissa Damian was outraged by Armstrong’s absence from the court hearing. Armstrong’s attorney said he could appear before the court in May while attending the Miami Bitcoin conference.

Damian ordered BitBoy to stop publicly communicating about Moskowitz, an order he has already violated and threatened to issue a warrant for his arrest if he does not appear before Monday.

Furthermore, Damian reported BitBoy’s conduct to the FBI, which means that the popular influencer may have bigger problems to deal with in the coming weeks.

BitBoy’s recent antics have garnered widespread criticism from the cryptocurrency community, with many accusing him of promoting shady projects for personal gain.

The influencer has been a vocal proponent of various cryptocurrency exchanges and tokens, which has led some to question his credibility and motivations.

BitBoy has been involved in several legal disputes over the years, including a defamation suit against another Youtuber, which he later dropped.


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