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Chainlink and StarkWare Join Forces for Next-Level DeFi Solutions

StarkWare has announced its partnership with Chainlink Labs

StarkWare, a provider of layer 2 blockchain scaling systems, has announced its partnership with Chainlink Labs to drive growth and accelerate application development for the StarkNet ecosystem.

The Israel-based company will be joining the Chainlink SCALE accelerator program, which will allow StarkNet tokens to cover operating costs for Chainlink oracle nodes.

This partnership will give StarkNet developers access to Chainlink’s data feeds and services at a reduced cost. Oracles play a crucial role in sending data from the real world to a blockchain and triggering smart contract events.

With Chainlink’s industry-standard oracle services, StarkNet will be well-positioned to build next-generation, globally scalable Web3 applications.

“We are thrilled to be joining the Chainlink SCALE program and providing our developer ecosystem with access to the industry standard for oracle services,” said StarkWare co-founder and President Eli Ben-Sasson. “This will enable us to build a new generation of globally scalable Web3 applications on StarkNet.”

With a valuation of $8 billion after a successful funding round last year, StarkWare is among the most highly valued scalability entities in the blockchain space.

This partnership with Chainlink will further boost its growth and help to solidify its position as a leader in the blockchain scaling industry.


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