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Crypto Influencer Scams Community Out of $1.5 Million

Crypto influencer Pauly0x has managed to raise nearly $1.5 million from his community without offering any tangible rewards in return.

The world of cryptocurrencies never ceases to surprise, and recently, crypto influencer Pauly0x has managed to raise nearly $1.5 million from his community without offering any tangible rewards in return.

The unusual story has caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts and has left many puzzled about the motivations behind such generous donations.

Pauly0x and the “You Get Nothing” Campaign: Pauly0x, founder of “NotLarvaLabs” and a well-known figure in the crypto community with 85 thousand Twitter followers, initiated a peculiar campaign.

He purchased the crypto domain “yougetnothing.eth” and invited his community to send him ETH and other cryptocurrencies, explicitly promising nothing in return.

Astonishingly, within four minutes, approximately $70 in ETH was sent to the address. Over the course of just two days, the wallet balance skyrocketed to over $1 million.

The reasons for the overwhelming success of Pauly0x’s campaign remain unclear. Some individuals may have expected an airdrop-style reward, while others seemingly appreciated the influencer’s gesture.

Pauly0x’s reputation as a crypto influencer, especially for promoting the PEPE token, has contributed to his community’s financial gains due to the substantial price surge of PEPE since mid-April.

Pauly0x’s provocative tweets using the word “NOTHING” and mentions of potential snapshots akin to airdrop rewards have added to the confusion surrounding the campaign.

Some speculate whether those who sent funds to the “yougetnothing.eth” address would receive a token called “NOTHING.” The influencer’s subsequent live Twitter feeds under the name “NOTHING,” where no activity or communication occurred, further added to the intrigue.

The campaign might be seen as a jest aimed at Ben Armstrong, also known as Bitboy. Bitboy recently faced backlash after raising more than $20 million for three memecoin projects through the crypto domain “ben.eth.”

Armstrong distanced himself from the domain and allegedly collaborated with another individual to develop two memecoins and a decentralized exchange (DEX). Pauly0x’s campaign could be interpreted as a playful reference to Bitboy’s controversial actions.

Analyzing the intentions behind the “yougetnothing.eth” campaign remains complex. While it could be interpreted as a prank and a dig at Bitboy, the inclusion of alleged snapshots and websites for claiming airdrops raises questions.

Regardless of the campaign’s nature, Pauly0x has amassed significant wealth, with 781.3 ETH and other tokens like USDT and PEPE, totaling $1.47 million, in the “yougetnothing.eth” address.


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