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FBI and Ukraine take down 9 crypto exchange websites over suspected money laundering

FBI and Ukraine join forces to seize 9 exchange domains over money laundering accusations

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Ukrainian authorities have seized the domains of nine digital currency exchanges accused of aiding cybercriminals in money laundering activities.

The seizure notice will appear on the websites of,,,, and

These exchanges were accused of offering entirely anonymous digital currency exchange services and lax anti-money laundering measures.

The FBI believes that these rogue exchanges serve as significant hubs in the cybercrime ecosystem and are advertised on online forums dedicated to discussing criminal activity.

The FBI and other agencies have been involved in various cryptocurrency-related issues, including conducting a search of a former FTX executive’s home and seizing 86.5 ETH and two NFTs worth more than $100,000 from a reported phishing scammer.


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