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FBI Warns of Fake Crypto Job Scams

Crypto Scammers Target Job Seekers, FBI Warns

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning citizens about a new scam crypto job ad that has been in recent circulation.

The ad targets victims in Asia and offers a wide range of opportunities, including tech support, call center customer service, and beauty salon technicians.

However, upon arrival in a foreign country, job seekers are coerced into committing to cryptocurrency investment schemes.

The FBI has asked victims of such schemes to come forward and report the activity through an online portal. The agency has also provided tips on how to avoid being scammed, including:

  • Research the company before accepting a position.
  • Be wary of job postings that offer high salaries and benefits.
  • Do not provide personal or financial information to anyone you do not know and trust.
  • If you believe you have been scammed, report it to the FBI or your local law enforcement agency.

The FBI has been involved in numerous cases involving cryptocurrency scams and crypto-related incidents in recent years.

In May 2023, the Detroit Field Office of the FBI, along with the National Police of Ukraine, seized and shut down nine virtual currency exchange services that were allegedly aiding cybercriminals.

And in April 2023, crypto security and auditing firm CertiK released a report that revealed a loss of $103.7 million in crypto exploits and scams in April alone.


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