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France Eases Crypto Influencer Marketing Restrictions

The French Senate has reached a unanimous agreement on a bill that aims to regulate crypto promotions by influencers

The French Senate has reached a unanimous agreement on a bill that aims to regulate promotions by influencers for a wide variety of industries.

The revised bill now only requires crypto firms registered with the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) — the nation’s financial regulator — to use influencers for their marketing efforts.

The earlier draft of the bill allowed only licensed crypto companies to engage in influencer marketing. However, while crypto companies are currently required to register with the regulator, none are currently licensed in France nor are they legally required to do so.

The exact wording of the agreed bill is yet to be published. Currently, there are roughly 60 crypto firms registered with the AMF, and none have undertaken the optional licensing.

Translated, French lawmakers Arthur Delaporte and Stéphane Vojetta’s release said “only financial products and cryptocurrencies from players registered with the AMF may be promoted” and agents from the financial watchdog, along with the regulator for consumer affairs would “have their control capacities strengthened.”

Penalties for failure to comply with the laws include up to two years imprisonment and a 300,000 euro ($322,000) fine, along with the possibility of banning the influencer activity.

Influencers’ promotion of other products has also been restricted, including nicotine products such as vapes. A prohibition on showing sports betting and gambling products to those under 18 years old would also come into effect.


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