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FTX Exchange Bankers Push to Keep Highly Valuable Customer List Confidential

Court documents reveal that the FTX customer list is considered highly valuable

In the aftermath of FTX’s financial collapse, the bankrupt crypto exchange finds solace in its extensive customer base. Court documents reveal that the customer list is considered highly valuable, prompting a debate over its confidentiality.

As potential buyers and investors express interest in acquiring or reorganizing FTX, the sealed customer list has become a focal point of discussion, with arguments for and against its release.

Kevin Cofsky, a partner at investment bank Perella Weinberg Partners, emphasizes the significance of FTX’s customer list for potential buyers.

The list, which reportedly consists of approximately 9 million customers, is considered to be of extraordinary value.

Cofsky’s research indicates that the acquisition and solicitation of customers in the crypto industry come with substantial costs. Consequently, maintaining the privacy of the customer list is seen as crucial to preserving its value.

While the customer list is currently sealed, there are conflicting opinions regarding its release. Some argue that bankruptcy precedence and transparency called for its disclosure, while a group of media outlets supports this stance.

However, Cofsky contends that making the customer list public would jeopardize the potential value that could be recovered for creditors. By keeping the information confidential, FTX aims to maximize its existing assets.

Cofsky emphasizes that FTX’s existing customer base holds significant value in the context of potential reorganization. If creditors were to own a portion of the reorganized exchange, they would have an incentive to trade on the platform.

Their transaction fees would contribute to the business they partially own, aligning their interests with the success of the restructured FTX.


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