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Nearly 1 in 10 French Adults Invest in Crypto

Nearly 1 in 10 French Adults Invest in Cryptocurrency

In France, there’s been a notable surge in crypto ownership. A recent report from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) has highlighted a significant increase in the number of French adults investing in cryptocurrencies in 2023.

About 9% of adults in France now own some form of digital currency. This change marks a significant shift in investment preferences, especially among younger generations.

The AMF’s survey revealed that among adults involved in financial markets, nearly a quarter are venturing into cryptocurrencies.

It’s especially intriguing that younger individuals are more inclined towards digital assets compared to traditional stocks.

On average, these new investors are around 36 years old, with a considerable percentage being under 35. For them, digital currencies are becoming the new norm in investing.

What’s interesting is the strong connection between youth, familiarity with digital technology, and the preference for cryptocurrencies.

It’s clear that the younger demographic sees a future in this type of investment. However, their decisions are often influenced by factors like social media and recommendations from friends.

While enthusiasm for crypto is high, these investors tread cautiously, putting an average of around €4,070 into the market.

Despite their interest, many lack a comprehensive understanding of the risks and how inflation might affect their investments.


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