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Robinhood Launches New Feature Allowing External Crypto Wallet Access

Robinhood announced Robinhood Connect

On April 27, Robinhood, the popular trading platform, announced a new feature called Robinhood Connect that will allow users to access its cryptocurrency features from external applications.

This feature will first be added to two crypto wallets, Phantom and Exodus, with plans to expand to other applications in the future.

According to Robinhood’s official press release, users will be able to fund their Web3 wallets without logging into their Robinhood Crypto account.

This means that customers can access their Robinhood credentials and bypass additional steps. The Connect feature is expected to allow users to trade assets through Robinhood’s cryptocurrency exchange, according to separate reports from Fortune.

Robinhood launched its non-custodial iOS wallet in January 2023, which was made available to select users. The app’s availability was extended in March 2023.

The addition of the Robinhood Connect feature is a significant development in the platform’s cryptocurrency offerings and demonstrates the company’s commitment to expanding its services in the crypto space.

The new feature is expected to make it easier for users to manage their cryptocurrency investments across multiple platforms, without having to log in and out of different accounts repeatedly.

Robinhood’s Connect feature is also expected to improve user experience by streamlining the process of accessing and managing crypto assets.


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