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Simpson Coin Price Rises Over 18,000%, But Will $SPONGE and Steal the Show with 100x Pump?

$SIMPSON has seen an astronomical surge of 18,000%

Meme coins continue to dominate the crypto market, and the latest addition to the frenzy is Homer $SIMPSON coin. Since its launch less than a week ago, $SIMPSON has seen an astronomical surge of 18,000% and currently boasts a market cap of over $23 million.

While the project’s website claims to be “here to bring the laughs and the gains,” the whitepaper reveals plans for a more charitable-giving platform that promises to be more secure and transparent than existing legacy payment systems.

Despite its rapid rise, the rushed nature of the coin is evident in its domain-less gmail contact email. Nevertheless, $SIMPSON has listings on BitMart and MEXC and is trending at No.5 on Dextools.

However, there are other projects, such as $SPONGE coin and AiDoge. $SPONGE has a solid community of over 40k followers on Twitter, has raised over $836k in liquidity, and is already listed on eight exchanges, with more top exchanges to come.

While $SPONGE may have kickstarted the TV cartoon character meme coin trend, its partnerships with other meme coins like Tamadoge and Love Hate Inu provide a great entry point for investors looking for a more solid investment. ($AI) is the latest addition to the ever-growing list of meme coins making waves in the crypto space. However, what sets this coin apart is its unique blend of AI and memes, two of the hottest trends in crypto right now.


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