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TABOO Secures $10 Million Investment to Pioneer Blockchain-Based Adult Entertainment Industry


TABOO, the adult entertainment and media platform, has made headlines with its recent announcement of a $10 million deal at a valuation of $250 million. 

Moreover, the investment, led by a former JP Morgan senior executive, has set the stage for the platform’s expansion and growth in the coming years. The infusion of capital will be utilized for many purposes, including product improvements, security enhancements, marketing, and acquisitions.

One of the highlights of the platform’s recent growth is the impressive token growth in the first quarter of 2023, which saw a 1000% increase. This development reflects the growing interest and demand for the platform’s products and services. 

Moreso, the platform has recently onboarded four new Taboo models, with more being added to the roaster. These models bring a fresh perspective and new ideas, further boosting the platform’s appeal to its audience.

Another exciting development on the horizon is the upcoming biggest Taboo Mansion Event of 2023. This event promises to be a major attraction for fans and enthusiasts of the platform, with various activities and entertainment lined up.

The event will provide a unique opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite models, enhancing the platform’s community feel.

Even more, the platform has announced the launch of a new Taboo Marketplace, which includes e-commerce features and on-ramp capabilities. This development will allow users to purchase various products and services directly from the platform, further expanding the range of offerings available on TABOO. The on-ramp capabilities will make it easier for users to convert their fiat currency into the platform’s tokens, thus making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Furthermore, the platform has revealed that it is about to announce a Tier 1 CEX. This announcement is expected to provide even more information and details about the platform’s future plans and growth prospects. The new partnership is expected to create additional liquidity for the platform’s tokens, further boosting its appeal to investors.

All-in-all, the $10 million deal at a $250 million valuation is a significant milestone for the TABOO platform, highlighting its growing popularity and potential for future growth. With various developments on the horizon, such as the upcoming Taboo Mansion Event, the launch of the new Taboo Marketplace, and the announcement of a Tier 1 CEX, the platform is poised to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years.


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