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Telegram Wallet Integrates Bitcoin Trading Capabilities for Users

Telegram Wallet Integrates Bitcoin Transactions to Offer More Investment Options for Users

Telegram messaging app users can now purchase, withdraw, and exchange Bitcoin (BTC) through the Wallet bot and its associated services.

This move, announced on April 21, builds upon Telegram’s existing services related to cryptocurrencies, but it is noteworthy that the Wallet bot was created by a third-party developer using Telegram’s open bot API.

The @wallet web interface now enables users to buy Bitcoin using a bank card or the P2P market in the “Buy & Sell” section. Additionally, the platform’s updated “Exchange” feature instantly swaps Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), and Telegram Open Network (TON) with each other.

This development is a significant addition to Telegram’s cryptocurrency services, which are already widely used within the app. Telegram’s open API allows developers to create their own crypto-related bots, which can be used without any direct involvement from Telegram.


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