Minutes Network announced a partnership that is expected to draw 1.2 billion users to Minutes Network over the course of the next twenty-four months.

The enormous SEW base, which consists of over 1.2 billion consumers, is now inside the reachable userbase of Minutes Network.

This strategic move is a result of leveraging the quick scaling technology of Minutes Network with the artificial intelligence-driven customer and workforce experience platforms implemented by SEW.

The Chief Executive Officer of Minutes Network, Josh Watkins, issued the following statement: “This is a huge moment for Minutes Network and leverages off the success and strength of World Mobile’s existing relationship with SEW.”

In addition he added that their scale, reach, and potential revenue are all transformed as a result of the integration of the Minutes Network Software Development Kit (SDK) into SEW’s ecosystem and marketplace. He also noted that their internal technical effort now has a unique purpose, which is to bring the whole user base online.

Furthermore, Josh Watkins emphasized that they could not have asked for a scaling partner that was more supportive than this one. “By the time we reach our first milestone, we will have twenty million users actively using our platform,” says Josh Watkins.

As an additional point of interest, Watkins stated, “This is our first scale integration, and it will be the first of many. We are currently in possession of an increasing number of applications that have consented to become a part of Minutes Network,” adding “As soon as we are prepared to incorporate these applications, we will make more announcements.”

This new agreement has been secured as a result of the relationship that already exists between SEW and the World Mobile team.