Robert Kiyosaki Reveals Key Players in Bitcoin Market Surge

Kiyosaki Shares Who's Behind the Rise of Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” attributes the recent rise in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and precious metals to declining financial health in the US.

He believes that the poor financial health is affecting the poor and making the middle class poorer, which is driving demand for alternative investment products like Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki calls for investments in assets like silver, which are relatively cheaper at the moment. He is excited about Bitcoin, as it is classified as a commodity, like gold and silver, and not a security, which will avoid SEC regulations.

Kiyosaki predicts that Bitcoin will be the only standing cryptocurrency. He also recently suggested that the global economy is already in a recession, blaming the Federal Reserve for failing to handle the inflationary situation and suggesting investors avoid paper money and go for gold.


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