YouTube star Logan Paul reverses course, apologizes in defamation case against Coffeezilla

Logan Paul withdraws defamation lawsuit against Coffeezilla, offers apology

Logan Paul, a YouTuber, has deleted a video in which he threatened to sue internet detective Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen over a series of videos that accused Paul’s CryptoZoo project of being a “scam.”

According to Findeisen, Paul has promised to drop his plans to file a defamation lawsuit against him and has apologized for his initial response.

The dispute began when Findeisen released the first of his three-part video series on December 17, accusing CryptoZoo of various unethical business practices and naming Paul as the face of the project.

In his now-deleted response, Paul accused Findeisen of defamation and said, “I’ll see you in court.” It is unclear if Paul will make a third response to the accusations.


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