Tron regularly keeps in touch with its client base via its official Twitter handle. Recently, the firm has sent out a weekly tweet that is aimed at their followers.

Recent findings claim an optimistic future, in stark contrast to other reports. This has left clients and investors confused and uncertain of the next course of action to take.

Speculation has a disadvantage that it can lead to low perceived value of the product which can spark a sell off, causing a panic that can even worsen the situation by further driving the price of the coin down.

Despite the positive outlook of the Messari research, clients are tending to lean more towards being concerned with the continued market decline.

The Defi region of Tron grew quite large. It was a growth of 61% rise in total value unlocked. Aggregated transactions also grew by 12.4% year on year in the third quarter to $5.3 million.

Coin Gecko claims that TRX hasn’t experienced any price growth over the last three months. Followed by a rise in token prices that has recently resurfaced and seems to be having a descending triangle formation, a critical bullish indicator for investors and traders.

This could revive the tokens confidence. Its trading in the green at 0.0627, with a bullish breakout on the horizon.

In contrast and CCI indicators strongly suggest either a partial or complete bear dominance over the TRX market.

With the likelihood of a breakout very high, EMA, the ribbon signal suggests opening a long position now. TRX’s trading range has shrunk during the last few weeks to its current level.

Coupled with the rising criteria of the Stoch RSI data, this significantly validates the EMA ribbons price movement prediction.

As this event nears, the market will at last take into account Messari’s previous optimistic quarterly report.