A white hat hacker recovered more than $7 million of the $14.5 million stolen in the Team Finance attack. The majority of the funds have been allocated to the affected projects.

The hacker responsible for the Team Finance exploit is redistributing funds to projects while keeping 10% as a bounty.

In addition, the hacker made off with more than $14 million in the late October attack. Tsuka, Kondux, Caw Coin, and FEG were among the projects affected.

According to SlowMist, the hacker returned over $7 million to the projects. Messages from the address have also been received, though they are not particularly articulate.

Ivan Reif, the CTO of TrustSwap, sent an interesting message. Three days ago, Reif stated that if the hacker returned the funds, he would be rewarded with either a large bounty or a job offer.

The attack vector was a smart contract vulnerability discovered while the Team Finance protocol was transitioning from Uniswap v2 to v3. The smart contract was audited, but the vulnerability was overlooked.

The team halted all platform activity, preventing more funds from being stolen. As a result of the hack, the prices of the stolen tokens dropped significantly, with CAW in particular suffering a significant drop.