The designers of the play-and-earn NFT game Alien Worlds today announced the debut of in-game DAOs—or decentralized autonomous organizations—under a new Planetary Syndicates concept, in the hopes of amplifying competition across many communities.

Alien Worlds is an NFT-powered game in which participants gather and exchange one-of-a-kind digital objects created primarily on the WAX blockchain.

Furthermore, players battle to gain Trilium (TLM), Alien Worlds’ in-game token required to manage one of the six rival DAOs.

Alien Worlds’ token is also available on Ethereum, as well as its token and some NFTs on BNB Chain.

A DAO is an online community united by a common cause or objective, with an organizational structure that distributes control rather than being centralized and hierarchical.

DAOs employ smart contracts—code that enables autonomous applications—with members voting on various proposals using governance tokens.

Syndicate members gain governance tokens by staking TLM, after which they can vote to help control the DAO and its digital assets, as McKenna stated.

DAOs in-game can also collaborate and compete with other organizations. Although Alien Worlds is developed on three blockchain platforms, the DAOs are built particularly on WAX.

“These DAOs are on WAX because good protocol-level [multi-sig wallets] can be built, which lend themselves to safe, powerful, scalable delegated democracy DAOs,” McKenna explained.

McKenna noted that one difficulty with DAOs is the under-involvement of members in comparison to the enormous treasuries that they often have. “On the other hand,” she continued, “you can have pure rent-seeking, where a few whales drain the funds.”