Apple wants 30% of Ethereum gas fees from Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet iOS

Coinbase Wallet stated that it was forced to block NFT transfers on iOS because Apple required 30% of the NFT transfer gas fees.

Apple is making negative headlines in the cryptocurrency industry once again for its fee demand. On December 1, Coinbase tweeted that NFT transfers on Coinbase Wallet were blocked on iOS devices.

According to the explanation, “the gas fees required to send NFTs must be paid through their In-App Purchase system.”

If Coinbase did this, it would be paying Apple’s infamous “Apple tax” as well as 30% of Ethereum gas fees.

This was categorically impossible, according to Coinbase, whose In-App Purchase system does not support cryptocurrency. Even if it tried, the exchange would be unable to comply.

In its assessment of Apple’s position, Coinbase is critical. The policy to try to reduce fees for emails sent over open Internet protocols was compared during the exchange.

However, the exchange expresses hope for a resolution, telling Apple that it wishes to assist. Given the latter’s obstinate stance on these rules, this is unlikely to happen.


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