On Friday, BarrelDAO released a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that could be redeemed for a special beer with a Solana theme, but it has already sold out.

The price per NFT for the 333 was 1.35 SOL, or roughly $45. Each one looks like a receipt for a 16-pack of Solana Summer Shandy. With a base price of 2.49 SOL ($79.61), however, 17 are presently available on Magic Eden.

Additionally, the team said that each NFT can be redeemed for the beer, which is not an official Solana Labs product starting on Monday.

The company claimed that 20 members of the community participated in the development process as tasters for the manufacture of the finished product, which resulted in a 4% ABV lemonade shandy.

The artwork for the can was created by NFT artist Mark Lauthier. DeGods, Degenerate Ape Academy, Okay Bears, Solana Monkey Business, Thugbirdz, Cets on Creck, Catalina Whale Mixer, and John Lê’s “The First Edition” are among the NFT projects featured in its design.

According to barrelDAO, roughly 20 of the NFT avatars depicted in the designs are held by the co-founder and CEO of Barrel Labs, Dave Goldman. Through a license arrangement with the NFTs’ original owners, the remaining NFTs were made usable.