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Avalanche releases an update to AvalancheGo, a blockchain software implemented in the Go programming language

Avalanche Coin

The Avalanche team has released an update to AvalancheGo, their blockchain software implemented in the Go programming language, called “Banff 5.”

This update introduces a feature called Avalanche Warp Messaging, which allows subnets (custom blockchains or subnetworks created by developers for specific use cases on the Avalanche blockchain) to share data and cryptocurrency assets with each other, improving interoperability within the Avalanche ecosystem.

Prior to this update, subnets created on Avalanche were unable to communicate with each other without the use of complex bridge systems, so they remained isolated from one another.

The new update eliminates the need for these bridges, and holds the potential to enable new use cases such as cross-chain staking of tokens.

To facilitate communication between subnets, the update employs the use of a cryptographic tool called “BLS multi-signatures” to verify messages and data across chains.


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