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BlackSeaChain 2022 Advocates for Opportunities and Partnerships Within Blockchain Industry

BlackSeaChain 2022 Advocates for Opportunities and Partnerships Within Blockchain Industry

Two-day Blockchain conference dedicated to the trends in blockchain development and its impact on digital transformation.

BlackSeaChain 2022 is a conference that connects the leading blockchain companies in Bulgaria in an organic ecosystem, creating opportunities for innovative business solutions and successful partnerships. The conference will be hybrid – live and online on September 1st and 2nd at the International Hotel Casino & Tower Suites in Golden Sands.

During the two days, more than 30 speakers – top blockchain developers and representatives of leading blockchain companies will present their most successful projects and valuable expertise that transforms industries into a transparent, decentralized, and efficient digital environment.

The presentations will be in Bulgarian and English on two parallel stages with a focus on:

  • the present and future of the decentralized economy and finance;
  • the challenges in front of regulation;
  • introduction to Web 3.0;
  • new crypto wallets and their future;
  • the new craze in the world of cryptocurrencies – NFTs;
  • innovative solutions with smart contracts;
  • integrations between blockchain technologies, IoT and AI;

…and many more interesting topics as the agenda is still evolving.

The conference is suitable for blockchain developers, software architects, business entrepreneurs, startup founders, lawyers, accountants, crypto enthusiasts, investors, financial managers, and anyone interested in the application and development of blockchain technologies and their immense potential.

Guests will also be able to visit an experience and expo area for blockchain software and hardware with many interesting demonstrations and an NFT gallery. They will also have the opportunity to personally meet company representatives, speakers, and like-minded people at a special networking lunch and enjoy a cocktail party at the end of the event.

BlackSeaChain 2022 is organized by Quanterall in partnership with LimeChain, Nexo, Ambire, INDUSTRIA tech,, ReCheck, Bithope, Motion Software and weiChain.

Find out more about the event on the website:

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