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Cardano ($ADA) Reports Impressive Growth: 1,227 Projects Being Built and 65 Million Transactions Processed

Cardano ecosystem

Input Output Global (IOG) has released the weekly development report for the week ending on Friday, April 21, 2023, showcasing the latest statistics on the Cardano ($ADA) network.

The report highlights the progress of various teams working on core technology, wallets and services, smart contracts, scaling, and governance.

Among the updates, the Adrestia team released an update for Cardano-wallet with new endpoints for shared wallets and performance improvements.

The Marlowe team added integration tests for ApplyInputs and state pretty-print choices in the Marlowe Explorer prototype.

The Hydra team worked on smoke test improvements and enhanced the API for voting use cases. Cardano invites community leaders to run their workshops on CIP-1694, and the Ariob incubator program completed its initial cohort.

The ecosystem has launched 124 projects, created over 8.15 million native tokens, and 7,783 Plutus scripts in action. With 1,227 projects actively building on Cardano, the network has processed an impressive 65 million transactions.


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