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CoinTracker and By The Book Accountancy Join Forces to Simplify UK Crypto Tax Filing


CoinTracker, a market leader in crypto tax and portfolio tracking for consumers, has announced a partnership with By The Book Accountancy Limited to release a series of educational content and resources for UK crypto users to simplify the complexities of tax filing in a compliant manner.

The partnership comes as the UK government is considering changes to the regulation of the crypto sector and as the regulatory landscape continues to evolve.

The two companies will launch a three-part Twitter Space series to help UK users prepare for tax season, with topics ranging from NFT and crypto taxes and saving money to finding experts and capital gains.

The series will take place on January 24th, January 26th, and January 30th. Users can access more information and resources by visiting CoinTracker’s website, following CoinTracker on Twitter, and joining the conversation on Telegram and Reddit.


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