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Polygon Collaborates with BitGo Following Controversial Hardfork Upgrade

Polygon network has partnered with BitGo

Polygon, a blockchain network, has partnered with BitGo, a crypto custody provider, to allow ERC-20 MATIC holders to stake their coins and earn rewards.

This partnership will allow MATIC holders to securely store their coins and earn rewards for holding them.

Chen Fang, the Chief Operating Officer at BitGo, said in a statement, “By offering more features for MATIC, we’re providing investors with a safer way to custody their assets and providing platforms with the tools they need to build the future.”

The partnership between Polygon and BitGo is just the latest in a series of strategic partnerships that Polygon has made in the crypto industry. These partnerships are helping to strengthen the network and provide new opportunities for investors.

On January 17th, Polygon also successfully completed a hard fork called Delhi. The goal of this hard fork was to reduce gas fees and address chain reorganization.

However, the hard fork raised some concerns from the community as only 15 validators participated in the voting process.

Mateusz Rzeszowski, the governance facilitator at Polygon, addressed these concerns in a Twitter thread. He explained that all active validators executed the Delhi hard fork and that the 3.5 billion staked MATIC coins validate the chain’s upgraded version.

In conclusion, the partnership between Polygon and BitGo is a positive step forward for the network and for MATIC holders.

It provides new opportunities for investors to earn rewards and securely store their assets. The recent hard fork also shows that Polygon is actively working to improve the network and address any concerns from the community.


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