Rootstock, the first and longest-lasting Bitcoin sidechain, has seen record-breaking transactions and integration of several new dApps, bridges, and wallets in the last three months. The team is working towards further growth and improvements over the next 12 months.

Block explorer data shows that there have been over 13 million transactions on the Rootstock network, with over 45k transactions a month. This data demonstrates Rootstock’s security and 100% uptime since its launch in January 2018.

In the last three months, over 25 dApps and protocols have been integrated into the Rootstock ecosystem, providing users with new ways to access, build, and grow on the platform.

The roadmap for Rootstock includes Rootstock Improvement Proposals (RSKIPs) focused on increasing transaction speed, improving usability, and further decentralizing the network.

Highlights include reducing transaction confirmation times from 30 to just 5 seconds, enabling non-custodial swaps between Lightning Network (LN-BTC) and Rootstock (RBTC), evolving PowPeg into a SegWit-compatible 2-Way Peg, creating a Bitcoin native assets bridge, and developing a trust-minimized Bitcoin/Rootstock bridge that does not require changes to the Bitcoin consensus protocol.

Henrik Jondell, Chief Technology Officer at RootstockLabs, expressed his excitement about the success of Rootstock’s growth in the last three months, stating that it has become one of the most used Bitcoin layer 2 for crypto and the increase in features and accessibility has expanded its reach.