Solana gaming L2, Sonic, has partnered with Neon Stack to bring Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility to its Sonic Virtual Machine (SVM). This partnership will enable Ethereum developers to launch EVM-powered dapps on Sonic’s gaming-optimized HyperGrid L2.

Sonic’s L2 is designed to support high-volume dapps, including web3 games, with settlement occurring on Solana L1. The partnership will make it easy for Ethereum developers to migrate EVM-based dapps to Solana, enabling Ethereum-native transactions on SVM.

Davide Menegaldo, Chief Commercial Officer with Neon Stack, said the collaboration demonstrates market interest in Neon Stack and provides a production-ready tool to expand Sonic’s total addressable market. Chris Zhu, Chief Executive Officer with Sonic, added that Sonic’s L2 will enable EVM developers to tap into the vibrant Solana gaming ecosystem.

Sonic has been engineered to solve the problem of blockchain gaming fragmentation, which has compelled developers to focus on a single network and VM to the exclusion of other web3 gaming communities.

The SVM overcomes these limitations by providing a fast, scalable, and VM-agnostic framework for developers to release games that realize the full potential of web3. The partnership between Sonic and Neon Stack will unite the formerly siloed ecosystems of Ethereum and Solana, providing a general-purpose framework for developers.