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TON Foundation Introduces TON Storage, a Decentralized File Sharing Solution

The Ton Foundation

The Ton Foundation has released TON Storage, a distributed file-sharing and data storage system modeled on the Torrent protocol but operating on the Ton blockchain.

With TON Storage, users can securely store files of any size on the decentralized network and share them with other users with the aid of smart contracts.

Through these contracts, node operators are provided with incentivization for hosting files for users and can even receive compensation for their services.

As a rival to projects like Filecoin and Storj, TON Storage can be used by both individuals and services with a large following.

Furthermore, the technology can be combined with TON Sites and TON DNS to create websites without needing a stable IP address, centralized domain, or a certified data center.

The Ton network, developed by the founders of Telegram Messenger, utilizes a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and is capable of performing millions of transactions per second with the help of the TON Virtual Machine (TVM).


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