Brazil Grants Police and Prosecutors Authority to Confiscate Crypto

Brazil has drafted a guide for prosecutors and law enforcement to confiscate crypto

The Brazilian Federal Public Ministry (MPF) has drafted a guide for prosecutors and law enforcement to confiscate cryptocurrency, according to an official release.

The MPF presented the guide to the Criminal Chamber and dedicated crypto units, and representatives from the National Council of Justice, the Federal Police, and the tax agency also saw the proposal.

The MPF emphasized the growing significance of crypto in the legal field and aims to get feedback from law enforcers and tax officials soon.

Furthermore, the guidelines could be adopted immediately by prosecutors if the Criminal Chamber approves the proposal.

The MPF is also preparing a compendium of resources and crypto-specific training sessions for prosecution officials and law enforcement agents.

A crypto regulations working group was created by the public prosecutors’ council in November to train police officers and prosecution officials and fight crypto scams and corruption.

Additionally, the MPF also founded a Special Unit for Cryptoassets last year to investigate crypto crimes and determine its impact on the legal field.


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