California Weed Company Implements Blockchain Technology to Monitor its Products

A California-based cannabis nursery implements blockchain

Mendocino Clone Company, a California-based cannabis nursery, is turning to blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of its medicinal plants.

The nursery has partnered with the EMTRI project and tech firm Global Compliance Applications to implement this new system.

The cannabis industry has been known for its lack of transparency and regulation, but Mendocino Clone Company is taking steps to change that.

Furthermore, the company will be using EMTRI’s blockchain capabilities to certify all of its clones, or baby plants, with a batch certificate.

Each batch certificate is a self-generated smart contract that provides each baby plant with its own unique identity block. This block is created by the nursery and linked to its Ethereum-based blockchain.

This allows clients, including commercial farms and retail dispensaries, to verify the authenticity of the clones and their genetic lineage.

The company said that the first round of batch certificate clones will be available starting the first week of February.

Not only will this new system increase transparency and trust in the cannabis industry, but it will also provide benefits to licensed cultivators who purchase Mendocino clones.

These cultivators will get access to EMTRI token (EMT) rewards and better rates for participating in the blockchain project.

Mendocino Clone Company’s decision to implement blockchain technology is a step towards a more transparent and regulated cannabis industry.

It’s an example for other companies to follow and a way for consumers to trust the products they are purchasing.


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