Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, took to Twitter to explain how the NFT community on Reddit is criticizing him and Cardano on the forum /r/CryptoCurrency, asking “at least make better memes.”

While Hoskinson discusses the “Charles Derangement Syndrome” memes, cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong responds with a similar experience he had years ago.

“BitBoy Derangement Syndrome took its final form on r/cryptocurrency years ago,” Armstrong wrote, adding that he has previously been asked to do a roast on the platform and would like to perform an ask-me-anything session sometime. Hoskinson responded that once the job is over, he would like to leave the “poison.”

Hoskinson expands on his reasons for believing the sector is harmful. “It’s prevalent in the industry and has a commercial impact,” he begins. “Tribalism traps people in a cycle of ignoring cooperation and their own self-interests in favor of selecting sides.”

The industry executive recalls a time when Ethereum dismissed all Cardano research due to its association with him.

Previously, the founder of Input-Output Global and Cardano was behind Ethereum. However, he quit the project in 2014 because to disagreements with co-founder Vitalik Buterin about the open-source and non-profit structure of Ethereum.

Hoskinson recently revealed his thoughts on Ethereum’s latest upgrade, the Merge, pointing out problems in the technology.

He referred to ETH as the “Hotel California of cryptocurrencies,” implying that you may “check-in but not check out.” Ethereum’s locking mechanism, according to Hoskinson, prevents investors from withdrawing their invested Ether.