COO of RTFKT falls victim to NFT phishing scam, loses collection valued at $175,000+

Phishers target RTFKT COO, steal NFT collection worth $175,000+

The Chief Operating Officer of RTFKT, a crypto brand owned by Nike, had his NFT collection worth at least $175,000 stolen in a phishing scam.

According to Nikhil Gopalani, who is the COO and tweeted about the incident to the Clone X community, he was hacked by someone who used the same phone number as his Apple ID and sold all of his Clone X and other NFTs.

OpenSea activity shows that the thief used two wallets to transfer the NFTs out of Gopalani’s wallet, which included significant amounts of CloneX, RTFKT, Loot Pods, and Crypto Kicks NFTs.

The affected wallet now has a total asset value of $0.11 on Etherscan following the withdrawals. Gopalani expressed his upset and hurt over the loss, but said he hoped that those who bought his NFTs would love them.

The CTO of RTFKT stated that they would not be able to provide further details on the matter at this time due to legal reasons.


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