Crypto is accepted for Venezuela’s most expensive home on sale

Venezuela most expensive villa

Venezuela’s most expensive home has been listed for sale, and the vendor is willing to accept cryptocurrency payment.

Source: Miami MLS

Tokens are widely accepted as a form of payment throughout the Latin American country, but the sale of the $20 million property would mark a significant milestone in the country’s crypto adoption.

So, if a buyer decides to pay in cryptocurrency for the property, it would be a significant step forward for crypto’s cause in the private sector, with most adoption-related breakthroughs thus far occurring in the remittance field.

Supermarkets and other businesses accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies, but large-scale crypto-powered real estate transactions remain a mystery in Venezuela.

According to Amando, the house is a mansion owned by the brother of the founder of domestic banking giant Banesco. According to the media outlet, the property has a commanding view of the capital, Caracas.

It was listed for $26 million earlier this year and includes 14 bedroom suites, 20 bathrooms, a bar, an elevator, a cinema, a chapel, a gym, a hair salon, a massage room, a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, parking for 12 vehicles, and 15,000 square meters of land.


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