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$27 Million Hacked From Crypto Wallet Connected to Binance

Binance-Linked Wallet Reports $27M Crypto Theft, While Q3 Records $699M Losses

A wallet associated with Binance fell victim to a $27 million cryptocurrency theft. The stolen funds mainly consisted of Tether (USDT) coins, and the incident was first uncovered by cryptocurrency investigator ZachXBT.

ZachXBT’s research revealed that the stolen cryptocurrency underwent a series of conversions, including Ethereum (ETH), before ultimately being converted into Bitcoin to obscure the thief’s tracks.

The wallet containing the stolen funds had just completed a withdrawal from Binance shortly before the theft occurred.

A recent report on Web3 security highlighted the alarming trend of increasing cryptocurrency thefts during the third quarter of 2023, with losses exceeding $699 million.

The notorious Lazarus Group, with ties to North Korea, played a significant role in these thefts. They employ various tactics to infiltrate systems and siphon off funds.

Private key leaks also posed a substantial problem during this period, resulting in losses totaling $204 million.


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