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Bitcoin approaches a calm halving, marked by record transactions and steady growth

Bitcoin is approaching its most stable halving event

Bitcoin is approaching its most stable halving event, which suggests the beginning of a new age characterized by sustained growth and high market trust.

The level of confidence that the general public has in Bitcoin has risen, as shown by the establishment of new records in transaction volumes and the steady climb in its price.

The current year exhibits double the level of volatility compared to 2020, while maintaining a high level of overall activity.

The network experiences a large volume of transactions with high monetary worth, mostly driven by the increasing value of Bitcoin.

This suggests a level of confidence and ease in conducting substantial value transfers on the network. Recent on-chain data indicates that Bitcoin is seeing more robust price support, with less volatility in price compared to past cycles.

The daily rate of rise in Bitcoin’s price is one of the greatest ever, indicating a growing impression of Bitcoin as a reliable investment.

There has been a remarkable increase in the amount of Bitcoin being deposited into large cryptocurrency wallets owned by wealthy individuals, without any big instances of selling, which suggests that huge investors are providing substantial backing.

The current year’s activity is mostly influenced by experienced Bitcoin users, with a rise in daily active addresses but without the generation of new addresses as seen in 2020.

Net capital outflows from exchanges have seen a 13% reduction in comparison to the previous year, indicating a state of investor mood that is quite stable and evenly distributed.

The equilibrium in the flow of transactions and the recent record-breaking value of Bitcoin just before the halving event indicate a steady and optimistic market outlook.


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