Bitget Wallet has implemented an extensive support package for the TON network, bolstering its integration with decentralized applications in the TON ecosystem.

The TON Connect protocol enables users to establish connections with TON dApps, hence easing the research and interaction with a wide range of apps. The new TON dApp zone showcases prominent TON dApps, such as Telegram Tap2Earn and Open League, with dedicated areas.

The implementation of the TON Connect protocol has resulted in a substantial surge in new users, which can be ascribed to the increasing popularity of TON ecosystem games.

This advancement is anticipated to allure a greater number of users to Bitget Wallet and promote wider engagement in the TON ecosystem and the cryptocurrency sector.

In November, Bitget Wallet included the TON mainnet, enabling users to generate TON wallets and oversee assets through its application and Chrome extension.

The rise of Telegram’s ecosystem, fueled by its 900 million users, has resulted in a significant increase in the number of daily active addresses, surpassing those of Ethereum.

The primary objective of Bitget Wallet is to offer convenient and safe services, with the ultimate goal of encouraging the widespread use and implementation of crypto.

The wallet has introduced the Bitget Onchain Layer and established a $10 million BWB Ecosystem Fund to expedite the progress of native decentralized applications (dApps) within the Bitget Wallet.

In addition, Bitget Wallet has introduced its own cryptocurrency, BWB, on the Bitget Launchpad. This token provides community governance, access to ecosystem airdrops, and prizes.